handmade organic* granola

Natalie & IJLB

Once upon a time... I had a fabulous granola in my favorite coffeebar in NY. I instantly felt this was the way to set me off on a happy day. Since I couldn’t find a granola that tasted as light and crunchy, I started experimenting until I found my own favourite recipe. For some years my family and good friend Lien enjoyed homemade granola. But I kept dreaming. ‘What if I shared my instant granola crush with other people? What if I launched my own healthy granola brand? Since three years now, that dream has become reality. My little moments of (morning) happiness have spread out and make my day.

© Heerlijk Antwerpen
© Heerlijk Antwerpen


Our granola is made by hand in small batches with lots of care. We select our wholesome organic ingredients carefully to guarantee the great bite and taste. You won’t be looking for that symbolic one pecan in the bag, since this granola contains more nuts and seeds than oats. IJLB was founded from the heart and made by people for people.

The team of Les Tartes de Françoise was an immediate fan of our products! They gave us the chance to kickoff in a professional way by renting us a spot and letting us use the oven in their atelier in Antwerp.

IJLB is founded from the heart and made by people for people.

Three years ago the team of Les Tartes de Françoise was an immediate fan of our products! They gave us the chance to kickoff in a professional way by renting us a spot and letting us use the oven in their atelier in Antwerp. In the meantime we moved to a new location and started a cooperation together with Flexpack, a social company specialized in foodpacking. They have the perfect space for us to create an atelier. It is an experienced environment where we are supported on many levels. We hope to continue baking lots of granola and support in a some time this companies goal which is creating real jobs combined with the necessary care for people who have some difficulties in finding one on the regular market.

We like it cracking fresh

Freshly toasted oat flakes, seeds and/or nuts, a granola lavish in both ingredients and taste... just the way we like it.

The bag you buy from your favourite shop comes straight out of our workshop - or almost - and the contents are baked to order, especially for you!


p>Team IJLB, that’s us: Natalie, Sare and Els. Every day we are hard at work in our workshop to bake and package your granola. But our team is actually much bigger than just the three of us.

We believe in a network of people and businesses that are exceptional at one specific aspect and we are convinced that working together can only make you better and stronger. For instance, our IJLB workshop would not exist without the fantastic, heartfelt support of the people at Flexpack.

Every single store that sells our products is run by passionate entrepreneurs that help us share our concept with you. Customers can also order online thanks to Elke of Bon Appetit Les Amis and the team at Belgunique.

Didess, an innovative Belgian company, makes our granola easily accessible to the food service industry. Interbio is a cooperative grouping Belgian biofarmers who supplement their fresh produce with authentic artisan bioproduce and they make sure our Brussels and Walloon customers have no trouble finding us.

After all, no IJLB without our die-hard granola fans.
Thank you all!


The wholesome organic ingredients are carefully selected. Every batch is made with lots of attention. If for any reason your IJLB didn’t taste as good as always, don’t hesitate to contact us. When you are allergic be cautious of the nuts. Although oats are glutenfree by nature the used oats can be contaminated by different kinds of wheat. Our granola is made in a bakery where wheat is being used.

What is granola?

Granola was created about a 100 years ago in NY. In order to make oatmeal more attractive, they started baking oats and combining them with several other ingredients. Granola tastes great with yoghurt and fresh fruit, you can combine it with different kinds of milk or just grab a handful to snack away.


Natalie’s favourite

This granola finds a nice balance between subtle spices and a touch of natural sweets. The soft taste of sliced almonds and lovely chunks of pecans come as a delicious extra.

Oatflakes*37%, pumpkin seeds*, sunflower seeds*, grated coconut*, pecans*8%, almond flakes*8%, maple syrup*, agave syrup*, spices*, seasalt

*organic BE-BIO-01

Lien’s favourite

The bananachips and whole cashews give this granola a bit more bite. Natural thickened applejuice gives it a fresh and fruity flavour.

Oatflakes*33%, pumpkin seeds*, sunflower seeds*, grated coconut*, cashew nuts*8%, banana chips*5%, maple syrup*, thickened applejuice*, spices*, seasalt

*organic BE-BIO-01

cacao 100%
Bart’s & Sare's favourite

For making this granola we didn’t just add chocolate. We went back to basics and used the essential ingredients to create chocolate. Thats how this granola gets his own specific cacao flavour. When combined with some yoghurt or milk the deep, dark taste will slowly wake your senses. Or when snacking away this great one...no rush, just cacao crush.

Oatflakes*48%, sunflower seeds*12%, grated coconut*, cacaobutter*, cacao*%5, agave syrup*, maple syrup*, spices*, seasalt

* organic BE-BIO-01

Strawberry & mango granola

Savour the surprising lightness and fresh summery taste of this strawberry and mango granola! This granola is light, airy and has a fresh summery taste. Think of it like the sun in your bowl even in the middle of winter. Loaded with strawberry crunch and mango bits that make for an instant delicious breakfast.

oatflakes* 43%, sunflowerseeds*, pumpkinseeds*, olive oil*, maple syrup*, grated coconut*, mango* 3,5%, quinoa*, strawberry* 2%, flaxseed*, spices*, seasalt

*organic BE-BIO-01


SANTAS favorite

This Xmas edition with cranberries and cherries, cardamom and ginger made lots of hearts glow.

*Available from november until january.

Coffee & cacao

We created for Foodnomads foodbox a coffee infused granola. Together with a real Belgian coffee roastery we tasted and selected the perfect roasted bean to use for this granola.

*Available from september until november.

all day long

Summer fruit

strawberries in pieces
raspberries // I squeeze them
in a bit of orange juice,
to intensify the taste
+ your favourite
IJLB granola

More recipes


1,5 teaspoon candied ginger
6 pealed slices of lemon
just a dash of gingersyrup
yoghurt + your favourite
IJLB granola

More recipes

Simple chocolat

yoghurt + your favorite IJLB granola
your favorite Chocolate
great extra virgin olive oil

# you can add anything you like to your granola.
I love dark chocolate, add a sprinkle of nice olive oil
and a touch of sea salt.

More recipes


powder sugar
a mint leaf
raspberry coulis // you can make it yourself
but have a peak in the fridge of the supermarket,
those are pretty good as well

More recipes

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I Just Love Breakfast NV
Maarschalk Gerardstraat 22
2000 Antwerpen
btw BE 0652 847 315

Atelier: Pullaar 159, 2870 Ruisbroek

B2B Orders: order online

We are completely absorbed by the granola baking process. Elke of Bon Appetit Les Amis and Sofie of Belgunique will be glad to help you with your online order.

Thank you so much for ordering online! Natalie, Sare and Bart.